Oban Little Bay: silky smooth and complex. An exceptional single malt from Oban.

March 11 2019

Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey: the type of whiskey you'd add Cola to.

March 6 2019

Heaven's Door Straight Rye Whiskey: a fantastic addition to the world of Rye Whiskey.

March 6 2019

Aberlour Casg Annamh: young and oaky.

March 4 2019

The Balcones Texas Rye 100 Proof: a very decent whiskey from Balcones; wonderfully balanced with rich flavours and an attractive price tag.

March 4 2019

Octomore 2008 - 10 Years Old: so many flavours coming and going that it's hard to keep up.

February 24 2019

Nikka Days Blended Whisky: a delicate and light blended whisky that didn't hit the spot with us.

February 23 2019

The Jura Seven Wood: a good single malt that could have been exceptional.

December 26 2018

The Maker's Mark Cask Strength: a damn good Kentucky Straight Bourbon!

December 24 2018

The Johnny Drum Private Stock: an intensely flavourful bourbon for a fair price.

December 24 2018

The Glenglassaugh Revival: a pleasant whisky with a flavour profile that's a little different to most single malts.

December 23 2018

The Glenglassaugh Pedro Ximenéz Sherry Wood Finish: a superb single malt! Great value for money.

December 22 2018

The Balvenie Triple Cask 25 Years Old: overpriced and uninspiring.

December 21 2018

The  Glenmorangie Lasanta 12 Years Old: fruity and sweet but kind of bland.

December 21 2018

The Glendronach Peated: a very pleasant whisky. The peat is very subtle and imparts this expression with light earthy/vegetative notes.

December 16 2018

The Westland American Single Malt Whiskey: a simple and very well made American single malt.

December 16 2018

The Auchentoshan 24 Years Old Noble Oak: Auchentoshan floral notes meet oaky spiciness.

December 15 2018

Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie: proof that a great Islay single malt doesn’t have to be peaty. 

December 14 2018

The Buchanan's Red Seal: fantastic. Blended whisky at its finest.

December 14 2018

The Macallan Enigma: a wonderfully intense and complex sherry-bomb single malt that comes with a hefty price tag.

December 14 2018

The Jameson Bow Street Cask Strength 18 Years Old: a first class dram ... it won't disappoint.

December 10 2018

The Glenfiddich 15 Years Old Distillery Edition: classic Glenfiddich with some added intensity and character.

December 9 2018

The Macallan Terra: an absolute work of art; the Terra is masterfully balanced with lots of rich and complex notes. 

December 9 2018

The Linkwood 12 Years Old: a delicate and elegant whisky.

December 6 2018

The Mortlach 12 years Old The Wee Witchie: a very good single malt which combines and brings out the best of both the ex-bourbon and ex-sherry cask flavours.

December 5 2018

The Highland Park Valknut: a great option for lovers of lightly peated whiskies. 

November 30 2018

The Arran Marsala Cask Finish: excellent cask selection and a high ABV has resulted in a complex and robust single malt with a bit of a kick.

November 28 2018

The Mackmyra Scorpions: A light and fruity whisky that seems to be made more for hardcore fans of The Scorpions, than for fans of whisky.

November 27 2018

The BenRiach 15 Years Old Sauternes Wood Finish: a very well made single malt with lots of fresh and sweet notes.

November 25 2018

Buchanan's Master: nothing groundbreaking or overly complex about it but it's a fine everyday drinking whisky.

November 24 2018