The Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit; a beautiful single barrel expression from Wild Turkey. Expertly balanced and full of rich and bold bourbon flavors. Wonderful stuff.

September 23 2017

The Balvenie Single Barrel First Fill 12 Years Old; an exciting ex-bourbon matured expression from Balvenie. One of the best whisky's we've had this year.

September 22 2017

The Glen Breton Rare 10 Years Old; a good single malt from the Canadian distillery but not much happening in terms of complexity or richness of flavor. 

September 15 2017

The Chivas Regal 18 Years Old; an excellent mid-range expression from Chivas Regal. It's balanced perfectly and has enough complexity and richness to rise above it's most of its blended competitors.

September 14 2017

The Buchanan's Deluxe 12 Years Old Blended Scotch Whisky; an absolute beauty of a whisky! The quality and complexity of this $40 bottle really surprised us.

September 11 2017

The Macallan 25 Years Old Sherry Oak; the very best of what Scottish whisky can offer, an absolute treat.

September 10 2017

The Midleton Method and Madness 31 Years Old Single Grain Whisky; a once-in-a-lifetime expression that will set you back a cool $1500. But, it has to be said, it's worth every penny.

September 9 2017

The Benromach Chateau Cissac Wood Finish; a young and beautiful expression from Benromach. They've used some very high quality casks on this expression and the result is very impressive.

September 6 2017

Booker's True Barrel Bourbon; a wonderfully powerful, rich and intense straight-from-the-barrel bourbon, which is bottled uncut and unfiltered. Beautiful stuff.

September 5 2017

The Glenfiddich 19 Year Old Age of Discovery Maderia Cask Finish; a wonderful single malt! The Madeira finish has had some very intriguing affects on this gentile dram. Highly recommended.

September 2 2017

The Dalmore 25 Years Old; an absolute masterpiece of a single malt. Incredibly complex, incredibly rich and masterfully balanced. This is single malt whisky at its very best.

August 27 2017

The Ardbeg An Oa; a beautifully rounded and balanced single malt from Ardbeg. A welcome addition to their core range.

August 26 2017

The Midleton Method and Madness Single Grain; this didn't really impress us much, it felt too young and fierce. After adding some ice it calmed down a bit and became enjoyable.

August 25 2017

Midleton Method and Madness Single Malt; a great Irish single malt with a truly unique flavor profile. Wonderful stuff. 

August 24 2017

The The Method and Madness Single Pot Still; a rich and beautifully balanced experimental whiskey from the Midleton distillery. Highly recommended.

August 20 2017

The Peat's Beast Cask Strength Pedro Ximenez Cask Finish; a great dram for lovers of peat bombs. The Pedro Ximenez casks finish adds a much welcomed level of sweetness and fruitiness to this expression. 

August 19 2017

The Glenkinchie 12 Years Old; an impressive Lowland single malt. It takes a while to open up, but when it does you won't be disappointed.

August 15 2017

The Gleniddich 21 Years Old Gran Reserva; a rum lovers dream! A wonderful single malt from Glenfiddich with an almost perfect balance between sweet and bitter notes.

August 13 2017

The Balvenie 21 Years Old Portwood Finish; a beautifully balanced and complex single malt from The Balvenie. Try to get your hands on the duty-free version which is non-chill filtered and bottled at a higher ABV.

August 8 2017

The BenRiach 15 Years Old Pedro Ximenez Wood Finish; a good, but slightly disappointing sherry cask finished single malt from BenRiach. For an $80 bottle, we expected more.

August 7 2017

The Kilkerran 12 Years Old; an absolute stunner of a single malt. If you find one, don't think twice, buy it.

August 5 2017

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep 17 Years Old; an interesting take on the classic Wild Turkey flavor, but we couldn't find anything about it that excited us. 

August 4 2017

The Compass Box Hedonism (the first blended grain whisky from Scotland) is an absolutely beautiful whisky which proves that, when done right, grain whiskies can rival (and surpass) any single malt.

August 3 2017

The Ardmore 12 Years Old Portwood Finish; an absolutely amazing expression from The Ardmore. Complex, intense, rich and wonderfully balanced. This is single malt whisky done right. Highly recommended.

July 31 2017

The Balvenie 17 Years Old DoubleWood; a much improved (richer & more complex) older brother to the, already excellent, 12 Year DoubleWood.

July 29 2017

The Chivas Regal Extra; beautifully balanced, surprisingly rich and dangerously easy-to-drink.

July 28 2017

The Nikka Pure Malt White; a beautifully balanced blended malt from Nikka. The flavor profile for this expression is quite unique and will delight even the most seasoned of drinkers.

July 25 2017

Russell's Reserve 6 Year Old Rye Whiskey; a stunningly flavorful, and affordable, spicy rye whiskey from Wild Turkey. Highly recommended.

July 25 2017

The Glen Elgin 12 Years Old; a wonderfully rich and characterful single malt from Glen Elgin.

July 24 2017

The Hudson Baby Bourbon; with its 100% American corn mashbill and its maturation in tiny 2 gallan barrels, Hudson have produced a Bourbon that's as wonderful and unique as the state it was produced in.

July 23 2017