The Glenrothes Bourbon Cask Reserve; a little disappointing to say the least. We didn't get any real complexity or intensity of flavor from this expression.

June 10 2017

The anCnoc Rutter; a very interesting dram which we recommend. We loved the fact that the smoke was subdued and didn't dominate the whole experience.

June 8 2017

The Glenglassaugh Evolution; an incredible single-malt that proves once again that young expressions can be just as exciting as the more mature ones. Brilliant stuff from Glenglassaugh.

June 7 2017

Glenmorangie The Original 10 Years Old; a very affordable, light and decent single malt. 

June 6 2017

The Benromach 2005 Hermitage Wood Finish (bottled 2014); a great single malt from Benromach, it's obvious the casks used for this expression were of the highest quality.

June 5 2017

The Nikka Pure Malt Red; a wonderful blended malt from Nikka that you should find in almost any liquor store. Like all Japanese whiskies, it's almost perfectly balanced and it's flavours are rich.

May 30 2017

The Kilchoman Loch Gorm 2017 Bottling; a great and wonderfully balanced single malt from Kilchoman. The smokiness is countered by sweet chocolate notes and the citrus flavours.

May 29 2017

The Edradour 10 Years Old; a fantastic sherry-bomb single malt. It feels much older than 10 years (we would have guessed around 15 in blind taste test) and much stronger than its 40% ABV.

May 27 2017

The Bunnahabhain 25 Years Old; a masterpiece (just scroll down and see how many medals it has won). Twenty-five years of maturation has opened up the spirit to a plethora of rich and dark flavours.

May 22 2017

The Auchentoshan Silveroak 1990; a great and very unique single malt from Auchentoshan, in fact it's one of the best one's we've tasted so far this year (2017).

May 20 2017

The Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2010; a very interesting and high quality single malt from Bruichladdich. It's rich, intense and complex. Highly recommended.

May 18 2017

The Craigellachie 13 Years Old; an impressive single malt from Craigellachie. It's intense, well balanced and rich ... there really isn't anything negative to say about it. Highly recommended.

May 17 2017

The Dalmore Luceo; an excellent single malt! It's very rich, intense and has oodles of complexity.

May 16 2017

The Glenrothes 1988 (bottled 2011); an incredibly good dram! The nose was a little disappointing, but the palate and finish more than made up for it. It's an expensive bottle to buy, but believe us, it is worth every penny.

May 16 2017

The Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Years Old; a fantastic single malt! It's full and complex with rich and intense flavours ... an absolute classic. Very highly recommended.

May 15 2017

The Auchentoshan 18 Years Old; an average single malt from Auchentoshan, it's a light, elegant whisky but it's just missing some complexity and intensity that you get with other 18-year-old's on the market.

May 15 2017

Old Rip Van Winkle 10 Years Old; a very enjoyable and rich bourbon. Unfortunately, it's sold out and you can only find it online at exorbitant prices.

May 14 2017

The Ardmore Traditional; a very good (and affordable!) sipping whisky, there's a wonderful balance between the smokiness and the bourbon flavours.

May 14 2017

The Glenturret Sherry Cask Edition; a rather good single malt from the Glenturret distillery. It's not overly complex but the flavours that are there are rich and intense. Not bad at all.

May 13 2017

The Lagavulin 8 Years Old; a fantastic single malt from Lagavulin. It's quite different from their famous 16-year-old, but it's just as good.

May 12 2017

The Highland Park Valkyrie; an amazingly complex and wonderful dram. You'll get a little bit of everything with this expression; smokiness, spiciness, fruitiness and the typical bourbon notes.

May 12 2017

The Johnnie Walker XR 21 Year Old; a smooth, elegant and complex whisky, fit for a man of Alexander Walker's calibre.

May 11 2017

The Aberlour 10 Years Old; a very enjoyable and easy-to-drink (a little too easy-to-drink, so be careful) single malt from Aberlour.

May 10 2017

The Glenfiddich 12 Years Old; light, fruity, smooth and dangerously easy-to-drink single malt. It's a very good (just scroll down and see how many medals it has won) and affordable single malt.

May 8 2017

Kentucky Vintage Bourbon; a good yet unexciting bourbon. A slightly smoky finish is the only element that adds any real complexity to it.

May 6 2017

The Wolfburn Northland; a beautiful, complex and young single malt that acts much older than it's age.

May 5 2017

The Highland Park Ragnvald; this is one hell of a single malt! The Ragnvald is incredibly rich and complex, superbly balanced and full of wonderful flavours ... it's damn expensive too.

April 26 2017

Highland Park Einar; a very decent and rich single malt, die-hard fans of the distillery should definitely check it out.

April 23 2017

The Highland Park Dark Origins; a very good but young whisky matured in in some top-notch first fill sherry casks.

April 17 2017

The Highland Park 40 Years Old; a monumental expression but, unfortunately, it's not as good as Highland Park's 30-year-old expression.

April 15 2017