The Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix; one of the best drams we've had in a very long time; it's very complex, rich and wonderfully balanced.

March 20 2017

The Glenfiddich 19 Year Old Age of Discovery Bourbon Cask is the first exclusively bourbon cask matured expression from Glenfiddich, and it's wonderful.

March 19 2017

The Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey; one of our favourite low-cost bourbons; it's complex, spicy and well balanced.

March 17 2017

The Benromach Organic; a well balanced and complex single malt from Benromach. The special thing about this whisky is the virgin oak casks used in the maturation process, not the fact that the barley is organic.

March 12 2017

The Smögen 4 Years Old Wee Swede; a young and powerful single malt which will need to be watered down quite a bit to be truly enjoyed. We didn't really enjoy the spicy-sweetness on the palate.

March 11 2017

The Auchentoshan Springwood;  a great summer dram; it's a really fresh, fruity and light whisky. Highly recommended.

March 10 2017

The Wannborga 5 Years Old; a good single malt, it's the first one that we've tried from Wannborga and we're definitely going to hunt down more of their expressions.

March 9 2017

Spirit of Hven Tycho's Star; a very well engineered single malt. It is a young expression but it has wonderful character and elegance. We highly recommend you give it a try.

March 6 2017

The Smögen Sherry Project 1:4; a very good whisky that would have been a lot better with a few more years of maturation. Like most whiskies from Smögen, it is very hard to find.

March 5 2017

The Isle of Lime Shareholders Edition 2016; a beautiful 3-year-old single malt! This expression proves that young whisky can be just as flavourful and complex as older ones.

March 5 2017

The Smögen Triple; a wonderful peated whisky that is different to anything else you'll taste. Unfortunately, it's ridiculously hard to find.

March 5 2017

The Dalmore Regalis; a pleasant whisky which we felt lacked some of the character and depth we usually find in other Dalmore expressions.

March 4 2017

The Caol Ila 18 Years Old; a beautifully balanced and complex Islay whisky. The peat does not overpower the other aromas and flavours but complements them perfectly.

March 4 2017

The Highland Park Odin 16 Years Old; an impressive, balanced and strong single malt whisky that is, unfortunately, very overpriced.

March 3 2017

The Glendronach Parliament 21 Years Old; a very intense and characterful expression that really needs a drop of water and some resting time to open up.

March 3 2017

The Glenfiddich IPA Experiment; a very average whisky with an above average marketing budget.

March 2 2017

The Aberlour 18 Years Old Double Cask; a magnificent and affordable single malt whisky! It's rich, bold, wonderfully balanced and full of mouthwatering flavours; a very highly recommended whisky.

March 2 2017

Bulleit Rye Whiskey; an above average rye whiskey. You can drink it neat but this expression really shines when it's used for cocktails.

March 1 2017

The Balcones Brimstone Whisky; a fantastic whisky! Experienced drinkers are really going to enjoy this masterpiece while newbies will find it a bit too smoky and rough.

March 1 2017

The Togouchi 12 Years Old; a unique and different blended whisky that we felt needed a higher ABV to really shine.

February 28 2017

The Cardhu Gold Reserve, a good and easy-to-drink single malt from Cardhu. It would make a great gift for a newbie but more experienced drinkers will not be impressed with its simplicity.

February 26 2017

The Ben Nevis 10 Years Old; this whisky really needs time (and some water) to open up and for the flavours and aromas to make an appearance.

February 24 2017

Cutty Sark Blended Scotch Whisky; a versatile, inexpensive, light and fragrant whisky. It's easy to sip neat but will also go well with certain whisky cocktails. Good stuff.

February 24 2017

The Aultmore 12 Years Old; a very unique and different single malt, well worth trying. 

February 23 2017

The Auchentoshan Valinch; a stunning whisky with heaps of complexity and flavour.

February 20 2017

The Glenrothes Peated Cask Reserve; a good single malt with a fair price tag. The peatiness isn't intense so it maintains the usual Glenrothes character with just a little added smoky complexity.

February 19 2017

The Glenmorangie Bacalta; a very interesting roller coaster ride dram from Glenmorangie, it's strong and intense, spicy, fruity, sweet and bitter all in one. Highly recommended.

February 19 2017

The Royal Brackla 16 Years Old; a wonderful, gentle and complex whisky; you can drink this every day and it wouldn't disappoint you.

February 18 2017

The Benromach 15 Years Old; smooth and full of flavour, you can contemplate the nuances for hours. A very highly recommended single malt.

February 18 2017

The Ardbeg Corryvreckan; an incredibly rich and intense single malt with a wonderful complexity and balance. We loved it and we can't recommend it enough.

February 17 2017