The Arran 18 Years Old; an absolutely delightful dram from Arran, it has wonderful balance, complexity and richness. Very highly recommended.

February 17 2017

The Wild Turkey American Honey Liqueur; a pleasant tasting liqueur, but don't make the mistake of thinking this stuff is whiskey though, it tastes nothing like it.

February 17 2017

Sullivans Cove American Oak Cask; a single malt with a strong nose but a light and subdued palate. Definitely not worth such a high price tag.

February 15 2017

The Glen Moray 15 Years Old; a wonderful and reasonably priced single malt. The more you sip it, the better it becomes.

February 12 2017

The Lark Single Malt Whisky Classic Cask; a very good single malt from Lark, the flavours are intense, rich and well balanced.

February 10 2017

The Mackmyra Svensk Rök; a magically complex dram full of smokey aromas; genius stuff.

February 9 2017

Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon; a fantastically deep and complex bourbon from Wild Turkey.

February 8 2017

The Laphroaig Triple Wood; an incredibly complex and very well balanced expression, a must try for lovers of peated whiskies.

February 7 2017

The Auchentoshan American Oak; you can't go wrong with this whisky, it's a very decent and light single malt and, more importantly, it's cheap.

February 7 2017

The Glenmorangie Ealanta; a very impressive whisky; it's big, brash, bold and undeniably Glenmorangie.

February 6 2017

The Wild Turkey Forgiven; a wonderfully schizophrenic whiskey that oscillates between bourbon and rye notes.

February 4 2017

The Port Charlotte Scottish Barley Heavily Peated; an intense and very smoky expression from Bruichladdich. 

February 3 2017

The Famous Grouse Port Wood Cask Finish; a very average blend and nothing special, the port finish has not added much complexity and we could hardly pick up on it, except on the finish.

February 2 2017

The Mackmyra Svensk Ek; a great introductory whisky to the world of Mackmyra, it's one of their cheaper expressions and it's an absolutely great whisky.

January 31 2017

The Mackmyra Vinterdröm; a gorgeous and very unique whisky. What sets it apart is its intense spiciness which helps it go down a treat during those cold winter months.

January 31 2017

Box The Explorer; not the best expression from Box, it's good, but with an average price of $100 for a 50cl bottle, there really should be more there.

January 30 2017

The Box Early Days Batch 002; a great peated expression from Box, but it's, unfortunately, very hard to find.

January 30 2017

The Box Early Days Batch 001; an impressive whisky with an impressive price tag.

January 29 2017

The Box The 2nd Step Collection 02; a fantastic whisky from Box, the balance between the sherry and bourbon cask flavours are wonderful, no cask overruns the other.

January 29 2017

The Box 2nd Step Collection 01; a real winner, the mixture of smokiness, fruitiness and sweetness is wonderful. Highly recommended.

January 28 2017

The Ardmore Legacy; a bargain whisky that punches way above its price range.

January 26 2017

Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve 10 Year Old; a beast of a whiskey! All the usual bourbon flavours are there but turned up to 11.

January 24 2017

The Box Dálvve; a beautifully balanced and easy to drink whisky from the Swedish distillery. This is Box's first core expression and they've done a fabulous job with it.

January 24 2017

The Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve; a fantastic single malt; rich, intense, fruity and incredibly complex.

January 23 2017

Black Bottle Scotch Whisky; a good and cheap blend that has lost much of its previous uniqueness.

January 21 2017

The Chivas Regal Ultis; a complex beast that's full of rich aromas and flavours. Chivas Regal has done an outstanding job with it.

January 14 2017

The Smooth Ambler Old Scout 7 Year Old Bourbon; one of the best straight Bourbons we've ever tasted.

January 9 2017

The Johnnie Walker Explorers Club Collection The Adventurer; a low cost whisky that is basically a smokier and slightly spicier version of the Johnnie Walker Red Label.

January 8 2017

The Glenfiddich 18 Years Old; a wonderful whisky! It's elegant, complex, sophisticated and full of flavour.

January 5 2017

The Wild Turkey 101 Rye; a fantastic and inexpensive whiskey. Its spiciness and sweetness make it great for mixing in cocktails, while its complexity and richness allow it to hold its own when sipped neat or over ice.

January 3 2017