Review: Highland Park Valknut

The Highland Park Valknut: a great option for lovers of lightly peated whiskies. 

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Highland Park Valknut
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The Highland Park Valknut is a moderately peated, no age statement single malt matured in American oak ex-sherry casks. This expression is non-chill filtered and bottled at 46.8% ABV with no artificial colouring added. The average price for this bottle is around $75. You can read Highland Park's whole Viking themed marketing shtick regarding the name of this expression here.

On the nose: starts off with a subtle smokiness (it's not too strong, we'd say 10-15 ppm) mixed with sherry notes (raisins and prunes). In the back there's the typical notes you'd expect from an American oak matured whisky (vanilla, toffee, caramel) and some spiciness.

On the palate: robust and very well balanced. You'll get black pepper notes, subtle peat notes, vanilla, citrus notes, cloves and cinnamon.

Finish: long with nutmeg, aniseed and cinnamon.

Overall: Slightly smokier than your standard Highland Park whisky, so if you like a peaty treat, you've found a great option right here.

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