Review: Auchentoshan 24 Years Old Noble Oak

The Auchentoshan 24 Years Old Noble Oak: Auchentoshan floral notes meet oaky spiciness.

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Auchentoshan 24 Years Old Noble Oak
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The Auchentoshan 24 Years Old Noble Oak was originally released for the Travel Retail market but can now be bought easier through online portals. This expression is matured in ex-bourbon and ex-oloroso sherry casks and bottled at 50.3% ABV (cask strength). It is chill filtered and contains artificial colouring. The average price for this bottle is around $270.

On the nose: a very floral and sweet nose. Heather, chocolate, ripe bananas, dates, raisins and some marzipan in the back.

On the palate: the arrival is big and spicy with espresso, honey, aniseed, chocolate mint, cinnamon, nutmeg, prunes, green apples and ginger. Adding a splash of water brings our more honey notes and spices.

Finish: the finish is long, drying and spicy with subtle notes of citrus. 

Overall: In sum, this is really good! The typical Auchentoshan floral notes sync wonderfully with the oaky spiciness that's abundant in this expression. A wonderful whisky ... if you can afford it!

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