Review: The Balvenie Triple Cask 25 Years Old

The Balvenie Triple Cask 25 Years Old: overpriced and uninspiring.

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The Balvenie Triple Cask 25 Years Old
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The Balvenie Triple Cask 25 Years Old is matured in a combination of first-fill Oloroso sherry butts, first-fill Bourbon barrels and traditional refill casks and allowed to marry for around six months in a marrying tun before being bottled. This expression is chill filtered, bottled at 40% ABV and, surprisingly, contains artificial colouring. The average price of this bottle is around $500.

On the nose: vanilla, caramel, dried dark fruits (figs, dates, sultanas), spiciness, honey, orange peel and some tobacco notes. 

On the palate: Complex but disappointingly watery and thin. You'll get ginger spiciness, orange, honey, dates, vanilla, caramel and herb notes. In the back there's a touch of dark chocolate bitterness.

Finish: medium/short and sweet.

Overall: if this expression was $300 cheaper we'd consider it an outstanding single malt whisky but for a $600 bottle, it falls short. Definitely not worth spending half a grand on this.

The Balvenie Triple Cask 25 Years Old
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