Review: Johnny Drum Private Stock

The Johnny Drum Private Stock: an intensely flavourful bourbon for a fair price.

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Johnny Drum Private Stock
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The Johnny Drum Private Stock is the flagship bourbon from the Johnny Drum range of handmade bourbons, produced in small batches. This is a no age statement (previously carried a 15 year age statement) cask strength Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. This expression is chill filtered, bottled at 50.5% ABV and contains no artificial colouring. The average price of this bottle is around $50, depending on where you live.

On the nose: ethanol notes, tobacco, caramel, cedar wood and fruitiness in the back.

On the palate: rich notes of vanilla and caramel followed by old leather and fruitiness. There's a slight astringency in the back.

Finish: medium length and dry with spiciness and brown sugar sweetness.

Overall: a very decent bourbon! The palate was very rich but it could do with a bit more balance as the sweet notes were dominating.

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