Review: Jura Seven Wood

The Jura Seven Wood: a good single malt that could have been exceptional.

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Jura Seven Wood
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The Jura Seven Woods is a no age statement single malt that's first aged in American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels, after which it is “enhanced” by some time in six French Oak casks (Limousin, Tronçais, Allier, Vosges, Jupilles & Les Bertranges). This expression is chill filtered and bottled at 42% ABV and contains artificial colouring. The average price of this bottle is around $80.

On the nose: milky oatmeal topped with apples, cinnamon, honey and ginger. In the back there's berries, smoked meat and nutmeg. There's a lot of notes vying for your attention.

On the palate: hmm. It's slightly too weak for our taste but there's a lot happening here. There's fruit notes (apples and pears), bitter coffee, lemon, spicy wood notes and some caramel and smokiness in the back. 

Finish: medium length with caramel, vanilla and some smokiness.

Overall: It's good and worth buying but it could have been exceptional. The maturation in 7 different types of wood have given this expression a good amount of complexity but unfortunately the flavours feel disappointingly weak and diluted.

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