Glenfarclas 40 Year Old

The Glenfarclas 40 Year Old; absolutely delicious, a beautiful piece of work.

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Glenfarclas 40 Year Old
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What does 40 years of maturation do to a spirit? Well the first thing it does, unfortunately, is make its price skyrocket. The second, is add layers and layers of complexity, aromas and tastes.

There's a certain childish excitement that creeps over your body when you get the chance to taste a really, really old whisky no matter what the brand is, but when that brand is Glenfarclas, the excitement doubles.

Now, at an average price of $800, this isn't a cheap whisky but it is one of the lowest priced 40 year old whiskies out there, in fact when it debuted in 2010 it actually cost less the $500, unheard of for a 40 year old expression. Keep in mind that a 40 year old bottle from any other Scottish distillery could easily cost you 3x the price of this, and don't even get us started on the Macallan 40 Year Old, which costs a cool $11,000. We really need to give credit to Glenfarclas for keeping the price low. The packaging is simple and un-assuming, it is presented in a tube much like what you would see with their younger whiskies. No exotic woods or artistic glass bottles have been used. Glenfarclas have decided to let the the quality of their whisky do the talking, not the packaging. For those that are unwilling to pay $800 for a whisky, you can do what we did and get a 3cl sample from here.

Mmmmm wow! The nose is wonderful. You instantly feel the presence of the cask, oak, fresh fruits, dried fruits, sherry, oak, a lot of vanilla, caramel and the wonderful aroma of old, worn-out leather, like the smell of your granddad’s old leather wallet.

On the palate the cask is even more present, lots of oakiness and tannins, figs, sultanas, dark chocolate and nuttiness. The finish is long, with dark, bitter cocoa, spiciness and of course oak, which is always present. What a dram, what a beautiful piece of work. Absolutely delicious.

If you can afford to, then get the 70cl bottle, if you can't, then get the 3cl sample. If you're a lover of whisky, then you need to try this. Yes, it is that good.

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