Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whisky

Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whisky; an expression that elevates corn whisky to something significantly more complex and interesting than what you're usually used to.

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Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whisky
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Balcones, under the legendary Chip Tate, created some of the most exciting and unique whiskies on the Market today. Post-Tate Balcones is still producing the same award winning expressions that he created and Baby Blue Corn Whisky is one of them. This is essentially a craft whisky, you're not going to find this in your local convenience store next to the bottle of Jack, it's been prepared carefully and with great attention to detail and will be sold in limited quantities.

The Baby Blue is distilled at 46% ABV, it's non-chill filtered and has no artificial colour added. It's just won a double gold medal (the highest award) in the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits competition and its reviews have been consistently good. This was one whisky which we were very excited to try.

The Baby Blue is the first whisky ever to be made from 100% blue corn (hence the name) which is a high protein variety of corn that's native to Texas. It was used and cultivated extensively by the indigenous Hopi people before the arrival of European settlers. Now, we don't know much about the different varieties of corn, but we trust Chip Tate, if he went to all the trouble to specifically use blue corn then we'll confidently assume that it will have a considerable effect on the character of this whisky. Enough talk, let's taste it.

On the nose, this whisky is something else, it's unique and has tons of character. Cream, donuts, vanilla, banana, apricot, herbs and a slight savory aroma. Wonderful.

On the palate, it's quite strong and you'll notice an ethanol taste, this is definitely young stuff. Once the ethanol subsides you'll get toffee and vanilla, corn bread, sponge cake, nuts and some red berries. The finish is surprisingly short and full of vanilla and corn.

This expression elevates corn whisky to something significantly more complex and interesting than what you're usually used to. Fantastic.

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