Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye; a very good whiskey that will appease both lovers of their original expressions and rye whiskey lovers.

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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye
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The reason Jack Daniel's jumped on the rye whiskey train is because we have been seeing a huge reemerging trend for them in US markets in the past few years and Jack Daniel's wants a piece of that pie.

Now, before prohibition, Americans drank a lot of rye whiskey, it was the most popular variety in the US market. During prohibition whiskies from Scotland, Canada and Ireland, with their lighter and milder taste, flooded the US. Slowly but surely, Americans got used to these whiskies and the demand for rye whiskey decreased significantly. So, in essence, the growing popularity of rye whiskey in the US today shows a 'back to our roots' shift in American palettes. This is great news for whiskey lovers as the distilleries have heeded the call and are now producing some great rye expressions.

This is the first time in 100 years that Jack Daniel's have produced a whiskey with a different mash bill from that used in the Old No 7. The new mash bill for the Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye is made up of 70% rye, 18% corn and 12% malted barley; note this is not a 100% rye whiskey. The Single Barrel Rye, like all Jack Daniel's whiskies, is filtered using the Lincoln County Process. The rye whiskey is then aged in charred, new white oak barrels constructed at the distillery's very own cooperage. From there it is bottled at 47% ABV.

The nose, surprisingly, is a little bland. You will get that unmistakable Jack Daniel's undertone of corn, citrus, spiciness, custard and honeyed sweetness.

Thankfully, the palate is much better. The spiciness from the rye is most prominent and really drives this whiskey; it's wonderfully spicy. You'll also get some citrus, vanilla, cinnamon, banana and cream soda. The finish is medium length and spicy with caramel, oak and vanilla.

This is a very good whiskey from Jack Daniel's; it will appease both lovers of their original expressions and rye whiskey lovers; a top notch product for $50.

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